funny face

When families contact me about doing beach photos, I normally suggest golden hour (late afternoon or early evening depending on the time of year) for the best light but that timing doesn’t always work best, especially for families with little ones. Such was the case with the Berlas Family who wanted to do a shoot on the beach outside their hotel while visiting from Chicago, so I threw out the idea of doing a sunrise shoot.  Having a little one of my own, getting up before dawn is something I have become accustom to, so I was game… and so were they!  It was a great option and I love the photos that we got in that early morning, hazy light.  It was 100% worth it and I would 100% do it again!

One other note about these photos is really the more important aspect of the photos… what the family hoped to capture in the photos.  Before every family shoot I do, I ask my clients some questions to get to know the family more and to help me create photos that will be meaningful to them.  When I asked Cory what she wanted to remember about her son Beau at that age, she said he could be kind of reserved and that she would love to capture the “funny faces” he would make when they tried to make him laugh as if he was saying “not impressed” or “try harder.”  As you will see, I think these photos do a pretty good job of capturing his many and hilarious facial expressions!


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little miss sunshine

Here’s another fun session from last August with the Boise Family  that I’ve been wanting to share .  In true San Francisco fashion, when I met up with Lauren, Brian and their daughter Siena along the Marina, it was a perfectly foggy, cold and windy summer morning.  :P  A nice break from the LA heat but not so awesome for outdoor family photos.  But no matter, they were total troupers and little Miss Siena brought all the sunshine we needed!

From the waterfront, we headed up the road to the Fort Mason Community Garden which I loved not only because it had amazing views of the city or that I’m a big plant nerd but also because it was an extra special spot for their family where they often go together, which makes the photos that much more meaningful.

All that said, the thing I love most about this set of photos is that they capture little Siena’s personality so perfectly, something I knew her parents really wanted to document.  I loved her silliness, her curiosity and her honesty all on that beautiful, expressive face.


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snuggle up buttercup | marin headlands engagement photos

I was looking back over all my work from 2018 and realized there are SOOO many shoots from throughout the year that I never got around to blogging including this fun engagement session back in August.

On a warm, sunny afternoon last summer, Tiff & Chen picked me up from my hotel in San Francisco and we headed out to the Marin Headlands with visions of a bright, cheerful shoot (hence the flowery sleeveless dress).  But, as it happens often with this particular spot, when we arrived it was foggy, cold and WINDY.  Perhaps it wasn’t ideal weather for the photos we had in mind but, like I like to say, the conditions were perfect to snuggle up buttercup!  Tiff and Chen were gold medal champs in the good sports category.  They laughed, they danced, they pretended they weren’t freezing their butts off and they had so much fun together.  And, in the end, I think we still got the bright and cheerful photo we were after.


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