Pictures of You: The Keshishian Family

This next set of images from my Pictures of You Project are of the Keshishian Family photographed last June in the backyard sanctuary of their Tujunga, CA home.  As with many families, the pandemic provided an opportunity to slow things down and reflect on their priorities.

Here’s what they shared about where they are at now:

“I know that quarantine was really difficult for so many, but for our family, it was just what we needed! Being together home all day, every day brought out the best in all of us!
Both of us had been flirting with the idea of changing careers to allow for more family time and experiences prior to COVID and this gave us a glimpse of what life could look like.

“Since our photo shoot, we have been really committed to making changes and looking for opportunities to pull us out of the grind and give us that slowed down version of life that we were so craving. We converted our basement into a studio for our design/craft business and are loving working together to build our new life.”
– Araz Keshishian


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Pictures of You: The Johnson Family

I am excited to share this next series of images from my Pictures of You Project of the Johnson Family outside their Whittier, CA home (from at least six feet away).  They’re a mixture of film and digital photographs… hopefully you can’t tell which is which!

I asked them to share how life has changed since we took these almost a year ago and here is what they shared:

“2020 took my family on a rollercoaster. We had highs, we had lows, we had twist and turns. I often reflect on last year and even the beginning of this year and I think it’s made us what we are today. Stronger and extremely thankful for each other. For my husband life didn’t change much, he still went out and worked every day for our little family. As for myself and our baby girl, boy did things shift! We were used to being out daily. We loved our Disneyland trips, park adventures, movie dates and our weekly lunches with my sisters and all the babies. Everyday life looked very different for us. But we adapted, kept busy at home and most importantly stayed safe. We were able to slow life down a little bit and it was our choice to make the best of it. 2020 was full of lessons but I think the biggest of them all was to not take your health or your family for granted.

“As we transition into more of an open world halfway into 2021, I still hope to keep my family grounded, happy and full of love.”
– Molly Licon


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pictures of you: the flores family

What I found remarkable through the experience of photographing my Pictures of You Project, this time last year, was just how much COVID had impacted everyone universally.  Everyone around the world was being affected by the pandemic.  Everyone’s lives had stopped.  And then, as the months went by, the way we experienced this unprecedented and historical time began to vary as people emerged with new perspective and new priorities.  And, so many made big life changes, like relocating to other parts of the country, that I think will redefine our world as we know it in the years to come.  We are still collectively living through a period of great transition for our country as we shift geographically, politically and socially.  My hope is that we come out the other end having grown and evolved for the better.

This next set of images from the project are of the Flores Family who live in Monrovia, CA.  Here is a bit of how life has changed for them since we took these photos about a year ago:

“Life after the pandemic has slowly started to go back to normal. We went from being home all day with our girls to ‘back to normal.’ And yet, the ‘normal’ we knew then is not the ‘normal’ we are experiencing now. Days seem shorter because our lives have suddenly become busier with slowly returning to work, school, and the normal hustle and bustle of life. When we see our friends and family now, there is a new sense of anxiety lingering in the air when we greet each other. Not knowing if a hug is appropriate or if a fist pump will do. We have been expected to return to work and yet somehow school our child at home. And yet, thankfully we’ve survived it all. The lessons we’ve learned through it will forever be engraved in our hearts. Love hard and with a passion, live life fully, embrace the simplicity, work hard, be humble, and be kind.”
Wendy Flores


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