Before Covid, seemingly in another lifetime, I photographed the Nabity Family at their home and exploring their beloved San Francisco neighborhood stopping for pork buns and iced coffee. Needless to say, it was a fun one.

But, like so many people since the pandemic, Clara and Ken chose to get back to their roots and moved back to their hometown of Davis, CA for a slower pace and to be closer to family.  And through a bit of luck and the kind of coincidence that gives me chills, I happened to be heading up that way to visit my own family nearby just when they were going to reach out about doing another photo session.

Maybe it was the magic of things falling into place just perfectly like that or perhaps the change of scenery (photographing families outside their farmhouses is not something I get to do working in LA), but the collection of images we created together felt a bit special, exceptional even.  And so, worth sharing here.  There was no agenda except to connect, slow things down and just have fun–Just the way I love my family sessions to be.  I hope that comes through in these images (which are my usual digital but also a bunch of film too).


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Pictures of You: The Barnes Family

One of the highest compliments I can receive is when other photographers ask me to photograph their families.  Such was the case when my friend and talented photographer, Heather Kincaid, asked if her family could be a part of my Pictures of You Project.  I loved our time playing around in the front yard of their Burbank, CA home last summer just as golden hour was getting good.  I shot a combination of digital and film (both color and black & white) and a year later I am still loving this whole set of images.


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Pictures of You: The Ogata-Gochez Family

When I arrived at the Ogata-Gochez Family’s home in Altadena, CA on a warm summer evening last year, I found them hanging outside, Kris and Auggie zipping around their little alcove on their skateboards while Natalie lulled Sol on a tree swing just outside their front door, and I instantly felt welcomed into their love-filled, easy-going space which, in turn, was so inspiring to simply sit back (from at least six feet away), observe and photograph.  I hope that all comes through in these images!

Back at the time of our little shoot, I asked Natalie what lessons she had learned from the experience of living through the pandemic and here’s what she shared, which I think is something we have all taken away universally from the past 18 months.

“I need to live in the moment and slow down. I was always on the go and I didn’t value the simple things. Just being with family and having our health is the most important to us.”
– Natalie Gochez


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