A blog post! What a concept! I just checked and it’s been almost exactly a year since I last posted to my blog. Perhaps it literally is a little “last year” to blog, but it’s such a great way to present a body of work and to tell a story instead of one, singular image or a small carousel of photos here and there on Instagram.  This series of photos from Oksana and David’s maternity session at their gorgeous Los Angeles home lend themselves perfectly to such a format.

I also feel like I’m finally coming up for a big breath of fresh air after the last year and these photos feel like a deep exhale to me, so them seemed like a good choice for my first post back at it.  Enjoy!


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staying in

A few weeks ago, I met up with Ashley and Bryant at their West Hollywood bungalow, which was as cool as it was comfortable. They wanted to capture this moment in their shared story… married four years, together eleven, high school sweethearts, no kids (yet), three beloved fur babies and enjoying this time together before things are likely to change in a big way.  One of their favorite things to do is to stay in at their home that they have so thoughtfully made together, so doing the shoot there was a no-brainer.

And, I have to say, while photographing families is my true passion, photographing a married couple pre-kids might just be one of my favorite things to photograph ever. It’s like an engagement session with all the significance of capturing a couple at the beginning of their family’s story but with people who are even more in tune with each other and even more at ease.  I felt the room to stretch creatively and the time to slow down and be inspired. It was a GOOD feeling!


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love connection

Near the end of last year, Samantha, reached out to me interested in doing a photo session with her adorable baby girl as a gift for her mom’s 70th birthday and, I may be biased, but I thought that was such an amazingly thoughtful idea. We took the photos at their home in Beverly Hills which had such lovely style and even lovelier early morning light streaming in. These sweet photos are the result.

I’ve been thinking about why I continue to love this set of photos so much and I think it’s because they are simply the type of photos I really want to be taking.  They are happy, they are relaxed, they are candid and they are chock-full of connection.



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