sara & steve | forest love

I don’t know that I’m supposed to admit this but I’m in love with these photos.  They just make me happy.  In fact, I think I was smiling the entire time I was editing these photos.

You see, when Sara and Steve hired me to photograph their wedding, I was so excited about their wedding plans of getting married at a beautiful spot up in the Angeles Crest National Forest where they could share both their love for each other and for the great outdoors with their family and friends.  Those plans were foiled, however, by a nasty bit of weather that rolled into the Pasadena area the weekend of their wedding and closed off access to their location.

While their wedding was still beautiful and certainly memorable, I really felt we needed to make their vision happen and they were totally game!  A couple weeks after their big day, we headed up the Angeles Crest Highway in Steve’s Jeep to the very spot they had chosen for their wedding.  And, man!  The photos we got are just so special to me.  The surroundings, their attire, their love, the story… you can see why they make me smile!



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