family reunion

Over the weekend, Andrew and I took a quick trip up north for a long overdue reunion at the Elliott family’s walnut farm just outside Stockton, CA.  While we’ve seen each other over the years, the last reunion was before Andrew and I started dating. (Which is saying something since we’ve been together for 13 years!)  It was so nice to catch up with everyone, eat tons of delicious food, listen to Andrew reminisce and just relax.

Since we set a date for the reunion a few months back, I’ve been daydreaming about doing one of my all-time favorite things in the world… going for a walk through the walnut orchard.  There’s something so lovely about meandering through the groves of trees in the light of the late afternoon, listening to the faint sounds of everyone enjoying themselves back at the house.  It makes you feel pretty lucky to have such a special place with our family.


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