Savannah and David’s wedding was my first of the year and a fantastic way to kick things off.  They got hitched at the super cool Smog Shoppe in Culver City and everything about the day was a photographer’s dream.  They chose a team of fantastic vendors, filled the venue with an awesome group of family and friends and chose just the right details (many of which were made by Savannah) to make the day so lovely and so personal.  Everything came together perfectly, allowing me to tell the story of their wedding day which was so thoughtful and full of moments of joy, beauty and love.

smog-shoppe-wedding-001 smog-shoppe-wedding-002 smog-shoppe-wedding-003 smog-shoppe-wedding-004 smog-shoppe-wedding-005 smog-shoppe-wedding-006 smog-shoppe-wedding-007 smog-shoppe-wedding-008 smog-shoppe-wedding-009 smog-shoppe-wedding-010 smog-shoppe-wedding-011 smog-shoppe-wedding-012 smog-shoppe-wedding-013 smog-shoppe-wedding-014 smog-shoppe-wedding-015 smog-shoppe-wedding-016 smog-shoppe-wedding-017 smog-shoppe-wedding-018 smog-shoppe-wedding-019 smog-shoppe-wedding-020 smog-shoppe-wedding-021 smog-shoppe-wedding-022 smog-shoppe-wedding-023 smog-shoppe-wedding-024 smog-shoppe-wedding-025 smog-shoppe-wedding-026 smog-shoppe-wedding-027 smog-shoppe-wedding-028 smog-shoppe-wedding-029 smog-shoppe-wedding-030 smog-shoppe-wedding-031 smog-shoppe-wedding-032 smog-shoppe-wedding-033 smog-shoppe-wedding-034 smog-shoppe-wedding-035 smog-shoppe-wedding-036 smog-shoppe-wedding-037 smog-shoppe-wedding-038 smog-shoppe-wedding-040 smog-shoppe-wedding-039 smog-shoppe-wedding-041

smog-shoppe-wedding-042 smog-shoppe-wedding-043 smog-shoppe-wedding-044 smog-shoppe-wedding-045 smog-shoppe-wedding-046 smog-shoppe-wedding-047 smog-shoppe-wedding-048 smog-shoppe-wedding-049 smog-shoppe-wedding-050

Vendor Love: Venue – The Smog Shoppe | Catering and Event Design – Eco Caters | Floral Design – The Little Branch | DJ – Skyline Entertainment | Cake Design – The Butter End | Hair & Makeup Artist – Sweet Adeline Beauty

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I photographed Savannah and David’s wedding a couple weeks ago, which I can’t wait to share (you can see a little sneak peek here).  But before that, we snuck in a little mini engagement session in Pasadena.  The goal was to give them a little photo warm up leading up to their big day, and I think we accomplished our mission.  It was also helpful to get to know them and who they are together.  So when their wedding day arrived, I knew the right story to tell.  One that conveyed their creativity, their honesty, their laid-back personalities and their sweet affection.

pasadena-engagement-photographer-001 pasadena-engagement-photographer-002 pasadena-engagement-photographer-003 pasadena-engagement-photographer-004 pasadena-engagement-photographer-005

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Newborn photo sessions are always such a treat for me to photograph.  How could you not feel all warm and fuzzy getting to spend a couple hours with such a perfect little miracle?  But that the thing that really gets me is the immense love that mom and dad have for their little one.  It’s the way they look at the baby, the way they look at each other, it’s the way they are together.  It’s quite something to witness and always the thing I try to capture in my newborn photography.    The results are timeless images that never get old.

pasadena-newborn-photographer-001 pasadena-newborn-photographer-002 pasadena-newborn-photographer-003 pasadena-newborn-photographer-004 pasadena-newborn-photographer-005 pasadena-newborn-photographer-006 pasadena-newborn-photographer-007

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