I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I love this photo session.  Partially, it’s the sweet family I took on a little adventure to one of my favorite spots in Pasadena but it’s also making me feel a little nostalgic.  Before moving to Pasadena around the age of seven, I lived in a small town in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  My formative years were spent exploring lush forests with my friends, splashing around in babbling creeks and going on lots of outdoor adventures with my family.  It was pretty amazing and I’ve recently realized how lucky I was to have that kind of childhood experience.

Before our photo adventure earlier this month, I had the opportunity to photograph Carolina and Daniel with their beautiful daughter a couple times.  For this shoot, they had not only recently welcomed a sweet little baby boy to their family but they were also preparing to relocate to Texas and wanted to capture this important moment in their lives.  For me, that deserved something extra special and I though of this little woodsy spot nestled in the hills of Pasadena that I have been going to since I was a kid.  It’s kind of a magical spot that instantly makes you feel transported away from the LA hustle and bustle.  The light is always so pretty and you can’t help but relax.

The images we captured are my favorite kind… sweet, happy, candid moments that they will enjoy for many, many years.  How could you not love that?!  I hope you do too.

pasadena-family-photography-001 pasadena-family-photography-002 pasadena-family-photography-003 pasadena-family-photography-004 pasadena-family-photography-005 pasadena-family-photography-006 pasadena-family-photography-007 pasadena-family-photography-008 pasadena-family-photography-010 pasadena-family-photography-011 pasadena-family-photography-012 pasadena-family-photography-013 pasadena-family-photography-014 pasadena-family-photography-009 pasadena-family-photography-015 pasadena-family-photography-016

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Driving up to the Kelly and Marcus’s home in Pasadena for their maternity photo session,  I got pretty excited.  I realized they lived around the corner from one of my favorite streets in the city and a spot I’ve been wanting to use as a photo location forever.  When they told me that they like to go for walks down said street almost every day, I got double excited.  It felt like it was meant to be!  Plus, I love using locations that are special to my clients.  It make the photos so much more special.

When I look at these photos all I can think is “Sun.”  It was a clear and definite theme for our photo session.   We took these photos on one of the sunniest Sundays Pasadena has had in weeks PLUS Marcus and Kelly’s last name is Sun.  You see, sun, sun and more sun!  I’m loving these photos and can’t wait to meet little baby Sun in just a few weeks!

pasadena-pregnancy-photography-002 pasadena-pregnancy-photography-003 pasadena-pregnancy-photography-004 pasadena-pregnancy-photography-005 pasadena-pregnancy-photography-006

This last one is my favorite of the day!


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