Once Wed Preferred Vendor - Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I recently got an email that simply made me gitty as a school girl.  It was from Once Wed, one of the top online wedding publications out there, inviting me to join their very exclusive collection of wedding vendors.  How could I say no?!  It is such an honor to be included and a kick to be amongst so many amazing photographers and vendors!  Visit our Once Wed profile here.

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A few months back I had a perfect little family photo session with the most adorable Jaxon and his beautiful mama Stacy.  I am so excited to (finally) be sharing some of the photos!  This was their first photo shoot together and ,after chatting with Stacy about what she envisioned, I thought Travel Town in Griffith Park would be the perfect location.  And, it didn’t disappoint!  It was an unseasonably sunny day (even for LA standards) and the light was so pretty.  Jaxon was such a sweet boy with a magical smile and his mama knew just what to do to coax it out of him.  I love the photos of the little dude by himself but I LOOOVE the ones of them together.  They just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. travel-town-family-photos-001 travel-town-family-photos-002 travel-town-family-photos-003 travel-town-family-photos-004 travel-town-family-photos-005 travel-town-family-photos-006 travel-town-family-photos-007 travel-town-family-photos-008 travel-town-family-photos-009

This last one makes me so happy!


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