One of the absolute best things about my job is when wedding clients become family clients.   It’s such a treat for me to get to keep telling their stories and to work with people I already know and love.  It just feels natural and they get me!  They really get me!

I have loved getting to know them through engagement photos, boudoir photos and their beautiful wedding at the London last year.  I was so happy when Vivian called me with the good news that they were expecting and double happy when she asked me to capture this exciting new chapter for their family.

We spent a couple hours at my favorite place, Huntington Gardens, exploring little nooks and crannies of the grounds and taking lots and lots of this glowing goddess of a mama and her handsome hubby.  I hope they will enjoy them with their son for many, many years.  I sure will!

pasadena-maternity-photography-001 pasadena-maternity-photography-003 pasadena-maternity-photography-002 pasadena-maternity-photography-011 pasadena-maternity-photography-004 pasadena-maternity-photography-005 pasadena-maternity-photography-006 pasadena-maternity-photography-007 pasadena-maternity-photography-008 pasadena-maternity-photography-012 pasadena-maternity-photography-009 pasadena-maternity-photography-010

Vendor Love:  Vivian’s hair and makeup: Kelly Zhang Studios

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My favorite moments from Emily and Cameron’s June wedding…  Catching Emily reading the written vows Cameron snuck to her before the ceremony, exploring all the nooks and crannies of Pasadena City Hall (I had a particular obsession with all the stairs!) and seeing them jump for joy as they came back down the aisle after their I-dos.  And really, there were so many great candid moments in between.  It helped that Emily and Cameron have been in a lot of the weddings I’ve photographed over the past few years.  They were perfectly relaxed and at ease in front of the camera.  They made my job easy and I enjoyed flying under the radar!

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One of my favorite things to photograph is an elopement.  It’s all about the couple and taking the time to celebrate their love and it just makes me a little giddy to get to capture it.  They always seem to involve a beautiful, scenic view and an awesome couple and, in moments like this, it’s as though time was standing still.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

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