I was just working on updating the portfolio section of the website today and realized I never blogged my family photo session with the beautiful Bell family that we did in Pasadena late last year.  I don’t know how they slipped by! But, it’s better late than never plus it’s Throwback Thursday.  (Bonus!)

Now, you may be thinking that mom and dad look like models.  Well, they are!  And, there is no doubt that they passed on the photogenic gene to their gorgeous daughter Ruby.  My goodness!  It was so fun getting the chance to photograph them and I’m excited to share them.  Crisis averted!

pasadena-family-photos-001 pasadena-family-photos-002 pasadena-family-photos-003 pasadena-family-photos-004 pasadena-family-photos-005

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For every wedding I do, I like to find what makes it unique from all the other weddings I photograph to help tell the story of the day.   The venue is an obvious place to start but the thing that really sets it apart for me is always the bride and groom.  It’s their personalities, their connection and their choices for how they want to celebrate their union that really inspire how I photography their big day.

When it came to Ashley and Oussama’s wedding last month at the Bel Air Bay Club, I loved all they ways they chose to create a day that was so special by forgoing many of the normal traditions in favor of a wedding day that was especially meaningful for them.  The highlight for me was that they walked down the aisle together.  It was so sweet and told me so much about them.  It’s the kind of moment that gets me excited and happy and pumped and giddy that my job is to photograph these incredibly amazing days.

bel-air-bay-club-wedding-001 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-002 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-003 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-004 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-005 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-006 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-007 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-008 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-009 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-010 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-011 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-012 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-013 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-014 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-015 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-016 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-017 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-018 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-019 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-020 bel-air-bay-club-wedding-021

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